Synchronized Success:
IMPACTER's Framework Fusion

Embracing a broad spectrum of global benchmarks, IMPACTER weaves together the threads of instructional excellence, future-ready development, and career technical education. This integrative approach elevates the curriculum, ensuring learners engage with a holistic and multidimensional educational experience.


Aligned Ambitions:
The Graduate Portrait

IMPACTER’s continuity with Portrait of a Graduate initiatives brings a strategic approach to educational growth, harmonizing character education with a comprehensive framework for grounded graduate competencies.


Foundational Skills

MPACTER enhances Portrait of a Graduate efforts by measuring competencies that prepare students for success.

Ethical Leadership

Instill a sense of moral purpose with IMPACTER, and prepare students to navigate life challenges with integrity.

Measure Career Pathway Readiness With IMPACTER's CTE Insights

Impacter Pathway’s comprehensive model equips students with the lifelong learning skills necessary for career growth and advancement in a rapidly changing job market.

Structure Success
In College And Career

Beyond initial concepts, every strategy embodies a profound blueprint for success. Empower students to navigate the complexities of academic and professional opportunities with precision and foresight through IMPACTER’s integrated approach.