The People Behind Our Vision

When the hands-on expertise of K-12 veterans meets the forward-thinking of Silicon Valley tech experts, the outcome is IMPACTER — a state-of-the-art SEL learning and assessment platform that helps young people understand themselves and the world around them.

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Blending Traditional Pedagogy With Machine Learning

The marriage of tested classroom practices and cutting-edge machine learning at Impacter Pathway marks a new chapter in education. This synergy allows us to meet students where they’re at, and provide the kinds of tools and insights tailored for the holistic growth of every learner, from every background, everywhere.

Meet Our Pathfinders

Our team represents a unique blend of educational and technological experts who bring their diverse perspectives to education and assessment.


Danny Byun

(Co-Founder) Co-CEO, Biola

Born and raised in the Silicon Valley, Danny has enjoyed a career as a successful entrepreneur, tech recruiter, and college counseling pioneer.  IMPACTER is a direct result of his commitment to college and career access for ALL.

Dr. Joshua Arnold

(Co-Founder) Co-CEO, Harvard

As a former Superintendent, High School Principal, and English Teacher, Dr. Arnold leverages more than two decades of experience helping students achieve educational excellence and equity to lead innovation at IMPACTER.

Dave Hwang

Chief Technology Officer, MIT

With roots in MIT’s esteemed technology programs, Dave is a tech savant with experiences at Sun Microsystems and HP, just to name a view. At IMPACTER, he channels this passion to ensure our tools are cutting-edge and future-ready.

Ashley Michelson

Director Of Product Operations, USC

A high school math teacher for nearly a decade, Ashley builds on her experiences as a USC Marshall alumna to develop products that truly change lives.  In short, she ensures IMPACTER products uplift educators and learners alike.

Dr. Francisco Escobedo

Superintendent In Residence, Yale

As the Executive Director of the National Center For Urban School Transformation, and the former Superintendent of the Chula Vista Elementary School District, Dr. Escobedo’s experience supporting cultures of wellness is unmatched.

Georgia Scurletis

Executive Director Of Curriculum, Tufts

Georgia’s approach to curriculum was developed in the classroom and honed at The New York Times,, and College Board. Her designs at IMPACTER seek to not only educate but to also inspire students.

Rodney Jones

Exec. Dir. Of Customer Success, Texas

After a decade in site and district leadership throughout Central and North Texas, Rodney took his talents to College Board as a Senior Director for Pre-AP Programs. These days, he is our driving force behind effective school implementation.

Perry Ha

Chief Strategist & Advisor, MIT

After a successful career as a consultant advising Fortune 1000 clients to better manage technology portfolios and develop new products, Perry plays an indispensable role in charting IMPACTER’s visionary roadmap.

Adelle Rausa

Dir. Of Educational Partnerships, NTU

A leader in education technology, Adelle blends strategic vision with a deep understanding of the education landscape. Her dual citizenship and global perspective enrich her approach to driving meaningful adoption of IMPACTER solutions.

Professor Andrew Arnold

Chief AI Advisor, Carnegie Mellon

Professor Arnold is currently Chief Scientist at Delphia where he is working to democratize data. In his previous role as the lead scientist on AWS’ Amazon Web Services Code Whisperer, Dr. Arnold has proven to be an expert in machine learning.

Andrés Cárdenas

Data/Machine Learning Engineer, NYU

As a high school Physics teacher, Andrés had a meticulous eye for detail and analytics. As a data scientist at IMPACTER, he ensures our strategies are making a measurable difference in educational outcomes of students and teachers everywhere.

Paul Schiffman

Paul Schiffman

Senior Vice President Of Sales, UC Irvine

“Schiff” is a visionary in the world of education, with a knack for pioneering growth strategies for tech giants like Apple and McGraw Hill. At IMPACTER, his strategic foresight helps to shape new horizons for our emerging technology.

Jim Burke

Curriculum Advisor, Santa Barbara

Jim Burke is the author of over thirty bestselling books about learning and literacy, including The English Teacher’s Companion. As an advisor at IMPACTER, he ensures that our curriculum engages while helping students grow.

Amit Manghani 

Director Of Machine Learning, Cornell

Amit has more than a decade of experience in the Information Technology domain working with Data Science and Cloud Computing. His leadership at IMPACTER brings a revolutionary edge to our educational tools.

Julie Johnston

Sr. Director, Strategic Partnerships

Julie brings more than two decades of experience in EdTech, dedicating much of the past decade to the field of Social-Emotional Learning. Her passion for wellness and student support aligns seamlessly with the mission of IMPACTER.

Atul Dhablania

Data Privacy Advisor, Michigan State

With 11 patents in computer architecture and more than 20 years of hardware engineering experience, including as Vice President for Dell SonicWALL, Atul’s insights into data security and privacy are integral to IMPACTER’s operations.

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