IMPACTER in Action

From advisory settings in a bustling high school to year-round asynchronous learning delivered via cell phones, Impacter Pathway offers customizable implementation options.

Charting Success Stories:
From Engaging Classrooms
To Vibrant Communities

Witness the synergy of technology and pedagogy, fostering an environment where every learner feels seen, heard, and empowered. Explore the countless ways that IMPACTER can make a discernible difference.

Tailoring Educational Journeys
With Impacter Pathway

The evolving nature of education demands adaptability, and that’s where Impacter Pathway shines. With IMPACTER, education is personalized, inclusive, and always forward-thinking.

Flexibility In Setting

Flexibility In Setting

Implement IMPACTER in an English class, advisory section, counseling office, or even within the comfort of students’ own homes. The adaptable curriculum works everywhere.


Flexibility In Pacing

The curriculum works in a variety of time parameters. Use IMPACTER as a 5 minute warm-up on Monday, or teach a 50 minute lesson on Wednesday. The choice is yours.

A Solution For Advisories

Flexibility In Modality

Whether one-on-one or in small groups, synchronous or asynchronous, a unified approach or a differentiated one, there is no single way to nurture Impacters.


Cultivating Inclusion:
Elevating English Learners
& Students With Special Needs

IMPACTER champions every learner’s journey. Each pathway is tailored to uplift English Learners and support students with a range of needs, including IEP supports and 504 Plan designations, ensuring an inclusive experience for all.

Beyond Language Barriers

IMPACTER dives deep to provide integrated resources in a student’s Home Language to support fluency, build confidence, and ensure content and skill mastery.

A Platform for All Abilities

IMPACTER believes in the potential of every student, that’s why our curricular experience is adaptable — able to cater to the specific learning needs of all students.

Beyond The Bell:
Extended Learning And
After-School Advantages

During after school hours, IMPACTER continues to thrive, offering enrichment in extended learning sessions. No matter the time or setting, our tools work to continuously teach and empower.

Every Minute Matters

From the final school bell to after-hours, IMPACTER's resources keep students engaged, curious, and always learning about themselves and others.

Boosting Bootcamps

Supercharge “bridge” or “bootcamp” sessions by giving students an edge with our curated tools and resources.

Enhanced EDUCATOR Collaboration Means Greater IMPACT On Students

Impacter Pathway offers professional development to ensure a strong start. We also provide opportunities for re-engagement and reflection, promoting thoughtful pedagogy.


Dive into our frequently asked questions to better understand our platform, its features,
and how IMPACTER can seamlessly integrate into your educational environment.

Absolutely. IMPACTER has been designed to complement any subject area. The platform boasts eight key competencies that champion whole-child growth and development. These competencies include Curiosity, Perspective-Taking, Purpose, Self-Control, Grit, Growth-Mindset, Compassion, and Gratitude. For instance, during a math lesson on problem-solving, students can tap into the “Self-Control” competency to approach mathematical challenges with a better understanding of the role “checking your work” or “re-reading the problem” can have on finding an answer
IMPACTER thrives in during-the-day settings, but its potential extends beyond. Schools can incorporate it through ASB, create schoolwide or class competitions for completion, or leverage IMPACTER as a cornerstone for PBIS initiatives — pinpointing traits like Grit and Perseverance. Imagine a school celebrating its top-performers in “Purpose” during a Parent Education Night or rewarding “Compassion” growth during an annual Awards Ceremony.

IMPACTER embraces the diversity of learning. From audio-visual content for those who learn by hearing and seeing to written content for reading fluency, we’ve got it covered. With the inclusion of user-generated content and short-form videos, students experience kinesthetic learning, while whole-group class discussions boost speaking fluency. Drawing inspiration from Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences, IMPACTER ensures all learning modalities are catered to. Picture a student practicing “Growth Mindset” through a video task or diving into “Gratitude” via an audio module.

At IMPACTER, ensuring the privacy and security of student data is of utmost importance. We rigorously adhere to COPPA, FERPA guidelines, and have implemented a range of measures to enhance data protection:

Access Controls: We have robust access controls in place that limit entry to our information system resources to only authorized users. This includes physical access measures, advanced authentication systems, and data encryption.

Authentication: We utilize both single and multifactor authentication mechanisms to validate user identities, ensuring that each user is who they claim to be. This involves verifying what a user knows (passwords), possesses (security tokens), or inherent traits (biometrics).

Data Anonymization: Data we handle undergoes an anonymization process, making it impossible to link the data back to the original student record system.

Data Stewardship: Our dedicated data stewards are responsible for implementing data governance policies and standards, ensuring data quality, integrity, and security.

Cryptographic Hash Algorithm: We employ cryptographic hash algorithms to maintain data integrity. Any input changes, whether intentional or accidental, result in different hash values, bolstering our security.

With IMPACTER, data protection isn’t just a promise, it’s a multi-faceted commitment grounded in best practices and industry standards.

IMPACTER is universal. Whether it’s a Chromebook in the classroom, a mobile phone during transit, or even integration with Microsoft Teams and Google Apps for Education, our platform adapts. With our dedicated app, accessing IMPACTER is always a tap away, ensuring education is boundless.

For security, all students can effortlessly connect to IMPACTER using their existing school Google, Microsoft, or Clever accounts. This eliminates the need for additional passwords and ensures no external sharing of data or information.

Ensuring equitable access, students and families will never incur a direct cost for IMPACTER. This accessibility is made possible through IMPACTER’s alignment to various state and federal funding initiatives, covering domains from social-emotional learning, college readiness, after-school programming, and learning loss mitigation.

Absolutely. In today’s globalized world, language shouldn’t be a barrier. IMPACTER supports multiple home languages, including Spanish. Our generative AI tools also facilitate translation and comprehension across over 20 of the world’s predominantly spoken languages.

Yes, we do. Our commitment extends to ensuring educators are well-versed with our platform. IMPACTER provides a comprehensive onboarding process, optional in-person professional development sessions, virtual help on-demand, and a resource-rich KNOWLEDGE BASE at This repository is brimming with informative videos, walkthroughs, demos, and resources, ensuring educators have the support they need at every step.

Monitoring student progress is straightforward with IMPACTER’s intuitive dashboard. At a glance, the SNAPSHOT VIEW provides an overview of every student’s activity. For a deeper dive, the INDIVIDUAL PROGRESS TAB offers detailed insights into each student’s trajectory. Additionally, the dashboard equips educators with a suite of assessment tools and resources, making it seamless to gauge student learning, growth, and overall development.

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