Harnessing AI To Optimize
Student Outcomes

With automated feedback, assessment, and support, teachers can spend more meaningful time building relationships with students, understanding their unique needs, and driving classroom discussions.

Dynamic Growth Tracking

Insightful Moderation:
AI Assisted, Human Verified

Every interaction holds potential, but safety is always paramount. With our tools, students
engage confidently, knowing harmful phrases are flagged and their strongest insights uplifted.


Notification In 6 Specific Moderation Categories

Get timely updates for content flags that signal hate speech, self-harm, violence, and even potential for harassment.


Ensuring Accuracy With K-12 Counselor Review

Technology is just a tool, that’s why we make sure counselors ongoingly verify and uphold our standards for moderation.


Recognize Student Expressions of IMPACT

Every student’s voice holds weight. We uplift those moments when words echo the values and essence of IMPACT.

A Brainstorming Partner
To Cultivate Curious Minds

The path to self-awareness and growth is enriched by the right companions. With the Brainstorm Buddy, young minds can discover and reflect upon the attributes that mold their character in a way that’s difficult to achieve entirely on one’s own.


Automated Feedback Saves Teachers Time

With automated feedback, the tedious task of individually assessing every aspect of a student's assignment is simplified. With IMPACTER, students receive valuable insights, commentary, and feedback without straining teachers’ bandwidth or taking up meaningful prep and planning time.


Generative Commentary Fosters Student Growth

Through dynamic and tailored comments, students receive insights that cater specifically to their responses, guiding them towards deeper self-awareness. This proactive approach to feedback ensures that students are consistently challenged and encouraged to refine their thinking.

Leverage Al Insights
To Unlock IMPACT

Harness the power of advanced analytics on the Impacter Dashboard to elevate student success.