Dynamic Growth-Tracking:
The IMPACTER Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard empowers educators, students, and families with valuable insights by visualizing social-emotional development and showcasing student triumphs on their path to a future full of intentional, purpose-driven IMPACT.


Insights, Scores, Reflections

Discover features crafted to enhance learning and magnify potential.

Impacter Score

The Impacter Potential Score

A dynamic measurement tool designed to holistically gauge student preparedness for enacting genuine positive change.


Class Snapshot

An in-depth, comprehensive view of every student’s unique journey, enabling proactive real-time intervention and tailored support.


Individual Progress

Review in-depth reflections and associated transcripts to expertly pinpoint distinct areas of strength and identify next steps for growth.


Tailor Every Student’s SEL Journey

Leverage cutting-edge analytics to customize SEL objectives and learning pathways for every student. Differentiate support and intervention strategies through comprehensive scoring metrics and comparative analyses across subgroups.


Learn About Students Like Never Before

Each student possesses a rich inner world, and Impacter Pathway provides them with a platform to express it. Review students' responses and glean valuable insights that will strengthen your connection and enable you to address their unique needs.


Empower Students With Their Own Data

With the Student Dashboard, students always have access to their own data and responses. Equip learners with the tools to evaluate their progress, process valuable feedback, and establish personally meaningful and impactful goals that lead to positive outcomes.


a 3D approach to visualizing Data

Discover how the Impacter Cycle can be seamlessly integrated into school
and community settings to foster Social-Emotional Learning.


1st Dimension: Define

Establish actionable objectives with our data-driven dashboard & pinpoint markers.


2nd Dimension: Discover

Immerse yourself in a sea of insightful data, identifying patterns & correlating actions.


3rd Dimension: Distill

Sift through insights to streamline information along journeys, crafting versatile solutions.

Explore The
IMPACTER Dashboard

Experience firsthand how comprehensive insights and detailed visualization can transform the SEL experience for educators and students alike.


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