A Curriculum Designed For
The YouTube Generation

Embrace an educational experience that resonates with today’s learners. The Impacter Pathway curriculum features engaging user-generated media that will inspire student reflection, making Social-Emotional Learning relatable and meaningful. Just click through the examples below to experience it for yourself.

UGC Collage

User-Generated Content
Fuels Deeper Student Reflection

Impacter Pathway leverages high interest and relevant content from real people to engage students, feature diverse perspectives, and encourage deeper contemplation.

Gain Perspective

Art makes an IMPACT. In this example, students employ the metaphor of “stepping back” to contemplate instances when they needed to gain a fresh perspective through action.

Develop Self-Control

Self-Control comes in different forms – physical, mental, and emotional. Students use this amazing street performer to think about ways they’ve improved their self-control.

Cultivate Gratitude

Hugs can be powerful. After students watch this heartwarming moment between friends, they reflect on who they can share gratitude with for consistently being in their lives.

Meet Rachel:
The Guide On The Side For
Every IMPACTER Journey

Meet Rachel: The Guide On The Side For Every IMPACTER Journey

Navigate a path to self-discovery with Rachel as she introduces SEL concepts and leads learners through thoughtful reflections. Rachel’s goal is to ensure a smooth and engaging exploration of identity and emotional growth, making each step of the Impacter Pathway feel safe and accessible. With Rachel by their side, students feel free and empowered to delve deep, learn authentically, and become more self-aware.

Our Digital Curriculum Includes
6 Coursified Semesters & 500+ Activities

Flexible Scope

A Flexible Scope & Sequence Puts Educators In Control Of Learning

Teachers can adjust individual student’s learning paths by selectively choosing lesson activities that meet their students’ needs.

Culturally Responsive

Culturally Responsive Content
Values Student Experience

All IMPACTER content values diversity and inclusivity, creating a learning environment where every student’s perspective is respected.

Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning Technologies
Prioritize Student Voice

The IMPACTER platform allows students to reflect on their learning via text, audio, and video submissions from, both, school and home.

Unlock The Full Curriculum

Your Step-By-Step Companion To
Implementing IMPACTER

Our thoughtfully crafted Teacher Handbook serves as a professional learning guide for educators seeking to enliven student engagement and elevate their SEL programs.


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Drive change and empower the next generation of mindful learners and compassionate leaders.

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