a 3D approach to visualizing Data

Discover how the Impacter Cycle can be seamlessly integrated into school
and community settings to foster Social-Emotional Learning.

1st Dimension: Define

Establish actionable objectives with our data-driven dashboard & pinpoint markers.

2nd Dimension: Discover

Immerse yourself in a sea of insightful data, identifying patterns & correlating actions.

3rd Dimension: Distill

Sift through insights to streamline information along journeys, crafting versatile solutions.

Get Familiar With Our
Easy-To-Use Interface

Simplify your data analysis process. Just select, drag, drop, and watch as your data transforms from video, to text, to meaningful metrics and insights right before your eyes.

Filter Student Data

Filter Student Data By
Subgroup Categories

Refine your focus with precision. Filter data sets to concentrate on specific student groups, demographics, or performance levels, enabling a 360-view of your school.

Experience Predictive

Experience Predictive
Analytics Tools

Anticipate future trends, and challenges. Utilize advanced algorithms to get a glimpse into a range of potential future outcomes for students and plan interventions or support.

Anchored In Research & Evidence

Our approach is not just theoretical; it’s proven. IMPACTER is the culmination of extensive research and real-world classroom trials, ensuring oir tools are both innovative and effective.

Harnessing The Power
Of Empirical Resarch

Our curriculum is based on reliable methods that yield tangible results.


Every strategy we employ has been peer-reviewed by a team of experts.

From Theory To

We craft lessons that resonate with both educators and students.

Research, Reliability, And Results

Foundational Rigor
For Authentic Growth

Rigor isn’t just about challenge; it’s about shaping character. IMPACTER’s approach ensures students enact the values they learn.

Consistency With Every Step:
An Unwavering Standard

Reliable character education paves the way for genuine development. With IMPACTER, we ensure our curriculum is consistent.

Tangible Outcomes That
Speak Volumes

Beyond just words and intentions, IMPACTER’s focus on results brings visible transformation. Every student’s growth is a testament.

Dolores Huerta is a civil rights activist who co-founded the organization United Farm Workers. She said, “We criticize and separate ourselves from the process. We've got to jump right in there with both feet.” Talk about a time when your passion became action.

Dartmouth College

IMPACTER Anchor Attribute: Purpose

Why Language Frameworks
Are Essential For Learning

Language serves as the foundation for communication, but also cognition and personal identity. That’s why the words we choose and the way we frame our thoughts deeply influence our understanding of the world around us.

A student’s engagement with particular language frameworks can either hinder or enhance their learning. By prioritizing the importance of words, educators can tap into the intrinsic values that are embedded in language.


This is the number of words in the English Language according to the Oxford English Dictionary as of January 1, 2023.

2 x 109

This is the number of words our Large Language Model (LLM) is trained on to be able to analyze and understand student text.


Harness Machine Learning
To Optimize Student Outcomes

Transcends traditional boundaries and take advantage of predictive analytics that drive enhanced decision-making for educators and better results for students.



Utilize machine learning to create individualized learning journeys, adapting to student needs.



Students work hand-in-hand with AI tools to strengthen understanding, and gain insights.



Forecast potential pitfalls and milestones in a student’s learning journey, allowing for support.

The IMPACTER Fellowship

At the heart of IMPACTER lies a deep appreciation for the connections we forge every day. The videos you stumble upon, the threads you follow – they tell a tale of how you perceive the world. Through THE IMPACTER FELLOWSHIP, we invite you to bring those perspectives forward, blending them into a curriculum that resonates with today’s learners.

Crafting Connections

Crafting Connections

From the videos we watch to the content we share, our online narratives hold untapped potential. We bridge these perspectives, crafting them into learning modules.

Bridging Perspectives

Bridging Perspectives

Each digital footprint tells a story. Through the IMPACTER FELLOWSHIP, we’re turning individual tales into a curriculum that fosters genuine understanding.

Curating Narratives

Curating Narratives

Dive deep into your digital experiences. Through the IMPACTER FELLOWSHIP, let’s co-create a curriculum that’s rooted in reality and resonates with every learner.

The IMPACTER Effect:
College Access & Success

At the intersection of ambition and preparation lies the IMPACTER pathway, a roadmap to achievement in college and beyond.


A staggering 98% of students report a smoother transition into their chosen colleges as a result of IMPACTER.


IMPACTER students assume internships and leadership roles in college at four times the national average.