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Inspiring IMPACT Through Natural Language

Learn about how Impacter Pathway’s approach to the development of soft skills
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A New Era For Student Data:

Engage Students 

Engage Students

IMPACTER uses stimulating user-generated content to inspire students to reflect on the many different facets of their emotional lives in school and at home, and in their communities. Learn More

Take Action On Insights

Take Action On Insights

Our comprehensive dashboard leverages the latest Data Science tools to provide schools with real-time growth monitoring and targeted analytics from any device anytime. Learn More

Witness The Growth

Witness The Growth

Students are empowered to tap into their full potential in any setting — whether stepping onto a college campus, or navigating the workplace, or even making a new friend. Learn More


& Its 8 Anchor Attributes

The IMPACTER Cycle was designed to nurture every facet of a student, integrating eight foundational attributes that underpin our comprehensive growth activities for 21st century learners.

This is not just another curriculum; it’s a roadmap to fostering resilience, empathy, and achievement — equipping students with emotional skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

With the guidance of the Impacter Pathway Course Series, students are empowered to tap into their full potential and build skills that allow them to thrive in every setting.


Listen to Students

IMPACTER’s use of advanced natural language processing empowers educators to do more than just hear students; it enables schools to explore the connection between a student's language and their emotional development. Learners offer a wealth of insights educators can harness to stimulate student growth and make a difference in their lives.


Build Self-Awareness

As Rachel points out in this video, students aren’t starting from scratch. Learners have demonstrated attributes like Curiosity and Grit in their personal lives, but they may not have reflected upon how these experiences have shaped their relationships or growth. IMPACTER can nurture this awareness and amplify outcomes.


Capture Nuances & Maximize Impact

As students share their stories and reflections, the IMPACTER Dashboard analyzes nuances in sentiment, tone, well-being, and confidence. These data-driven insights enable schools to be more aware of their students’ emotional lives and to be responsive to their needs, connecting the dots between voice and well-being on the way to positive outcomes.

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Hear What Leading Practitioners Say About IMPACTER

The IMPACTER PATHWAY curriculum has had a significant impact on our school community being more positive.

Jaymee Huggins
Jaymee Huggins

District Wellness Coordinator, AVUSD


Our experience with IMPACTER PATHWAY has been transformative. Our schools are more inclusive now than ever before.

Pete Hastings
Pete Hastings

Area South Region, LAUSD


IMPACTER PATHWAY has exceeded our expectations in delivering high-quality touchpoints in Advisory settings.

Noelle Taniguchi

Principal, CATCH Prep High School


IMPACTER PATHWAY has helped our students develop essential character skills to benefit them for life.

Dr. Javier Vasquez

Principal, Berrendo Middle School


We learned about IMPACTER through our Parent Ed Foundation. So it was already familiar when we started.

Jeffrey Morano

Principal , Sierra Vista Middle School


We highly recommend IMPACTER PATHWAY for the comprehensive CTE preparation it provides.

Wynter Davies

Counselor, Kennedy High School

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